PUBG game announced:

PUBG game announced:

PUBG game Mobile has pronounce a special event for its players in India usage due to Corona virus lockdown. Unswerving with the business, the special event is about to ‘enhance the intact experience’ with some fresh challenges. The ‘7 Days of #Stay Home’ event begins. Where PUBG Mobile is hosting a series of contests on its India social media platforms and can even be sharing humorous PUBG Mobile content to bring together the community and have interface while staying reception.

Spanning over succeeding 7 days, the event will offer fans new tasks a day which be able to test their skills and luck. The community-driven event will include activities for fans and players like drawing their favourite image on pans, sharing experiences, and so on. This week’s activities will conclude into a community match, giving users the opportunity to fight for 17000 UC. To participate and learn more about the PUBG Mobile’s 7 Days of #StayHome challenge, users got to keep a vigilant eye on PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There are some special rewards as the on-going 2nd-anniversary celebrations. Players can complete classic mode daily missions to add controllers, which sequentially are often redeemed for brand in-game prizes. Once redeemed, users have the likelihood to receive rewards like RP Mission Cards, the Snowboard Set, Supply Crate Coupons and more.

During the event period, players also get an opportunity to win additional UC from Lucky Crates for purchase of any amount of UC.

1: Acquire any UC and you get one Lucky crate containing guaranteed 10UC extra

2: Acquire a least amount of 60UC and obtain two Lucky Crates containing guaranteed 60UC extra and up to 150UC extra free

Additionally, there’ll be discounts on outfits from April 10th to April 19th. the primary purchase gets 30% off, the 2nd purchase gets 50% off and consequently the third purchase gets 70% off.

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