Brewer, AB InBev Betting Big On AI

Brewer, AB InBev Betting Big On AI

World’s renowned brewery with legendary brands like Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Corona has finally made its decision of complying AI in its day to day practices. This isn’t just a new beginning but altogether a very different move for a mass producer who has been industry leader for decades, and soon rest shall follow his footsteps in this new digital age.
From marketing to customer management and brewing all these areas are where AI has been put under rigorous tests and developments are being closely monitored.
Beer Garage- an innovation hub based in Silicon Valley, where all the testing, research and technological dependent solutions are studied and executed. It is also acting as a mediocre between the startup ecosystem and the parent body and finding out ways and means how each could be benefited out of this AI venture. AB InBev’s Andrew Green- director of innovation stated that technology-incubator is where the actual developments are rolled out and put through the production process.

How is the beer giant making this possible?

Let us get rid of this in three simple steps. SenseAI is the first place that with the help of machine learning studies and helps in improving the quality and flavor of their products. Real-time analytics is used to measure data collected and track everything from levels of CO2 till the time involved in each stage just to predict the end product and its quality. The second step involves grading process, where human expert testers access the taste of the AI dependent results. This is one such level where human dependence is mandatory no such AI has been put in place for this step. But “Green bets on replicating the human tongue and brain with an AI in future.
A second place is where relationships with customers  is being tried and tested through machine learning where distributors all across the globe can be connected and managed though AI , this seems very complicated but yes it’s time to tell this step could succeed to what extent. But again this is more of a risk dependent meter which determine stock against the credit that can be offered. Yet, simplified.
This ABCredit system allows the AI to analyze the level of credit and the payment system against the type of relationship rather than any other broader way of such a decision making. Currently, it is being put to use in Brazil and the company hopes for its global debut soon.
The third place is where content of advertising and marketing materials designing task comes in picture. Thus machines shall be competing in a parallel world and try to bet with real humans in the game of feelings and emotions and make this work wonders. Sounds interesting!
This system works by minding and recording performance history of every single piece of advertising and image to analyze how it works and what doesn’t when it comes to customer retention, attraction through marketing channels.
All the creativity involved now can be well developed with just a touch of a button, a new digital advert can be developed in the various choices of language, image content etc. Thus the toil and tussle involved across all the different platforms can now be put across just a button touch and creative staff can now spend more time doing creative jobs rather than repetitive jobs which are easily replicable.
AB InBev’s foray and a strong initiation in this field of AI has now triggered a new race for most mass producers across the globe as to how new modern advancements in several fields can help achieve better standard’s in both efficiency, cost cutting and productivity at its new pinnacle; but most importantly is the working class least needed or are our jobs at stake. Well, these are the questions future governments and ministries are trying to look at with a narrow sight, for the time being let technology make lives easy.

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